#AskIvanka: Interviewing

Everything from what to wear to why you should never (ever) blame your tardiness on the traffic.

#askivanka: interviewing
She’s hired her share of The Trump Organization and has developed a very specific point of view as to what works—and what doesn’t—when it comes to getting the job. PS: Have a question on business dining? Share it via Twitter, using the hashtag #AskIvanka. Check back next week, when Ivanka chimes in on the do’s and don’ts of networking. #askivanka_interviewing_Q1"The most boring resumes are the ones that feel like they were written by a robot—the ones that fail to show any interests outside of work. Don’t be afraid to incorporate your personality and passions into your resume where appropriate."#askivanka_interviewing_Q2"First impressions matter. Think about the corporate culture and dress in a way that’s compatible. You should be confident and carry yourself with poise. If someone can’t pull themselves together for an interview, I have to wonder how they’ll manage to pull themselves together on the job."#askivanka_interviewing_Q3"Being prepared is incredibly important. I’m always surprised by ill-informed questions: things someone could find—and should have found—on our website. Know what you want; not necessarily where you’ll be in ten years, but know how your skills will benefit the company with which you’re interviewing. Take initiative and say, 'I’m young and inexperienced, but XYZ experiences lead me to believe that I can add value to this position.' Don’t leave it to the interviewer to build those connections, connect the dots for them."#askivanka_interviewing_Q4"Do not be late. Arrive early. My father-in-law says that the only excuse for being late is that you didn’t leave early enough. I hear so many people complain about traffic. My advice? Anticipate it and leave earlier."#askivanka_interviewing_Q5"Same day with a handwritten thank you note. If you can drop it off yourself, even better."