What Does A Chief Brand Officer Do?

Meet our chief brand officer and shop her must-haves.

From Abigail:
As the chief brand officer, I help to set the brand vision from a product and content perspective, so I’m involved in all the many facets of the business. My focus is on deciding what our brand stands for and what it says every day. A typical day consists of meetings with the team about everything from product design to site content to (lately) our holiday initiative and party. We’re a very small team, but we do so much. The biggest challenge, for me, is giving proper time and attention to every area of the business. I love, love, love our team. I truly enjoy coming to work every day with this group of people. This video is really an amazing reminder of how much we’ve accomplished in a short time. When I look back at the company and compare what it was like when I started here, two years ago (I was the first employee!), to what it is now, it is so rewarding. I celebrate that all the time.

From #TeamIvanka's Desk: Abigail Klem

What’s on her desk? 

1.This is a painting my daughter, Georgia, made for me. She was trying to write “I love you mama.

2. This is my shoe situation. I keep a lot of shoes at the office because I like to have options.

3. I’m so thrilled with our Soho Tote. Having a place for everything is the most amazing thing, and I also love the security pocket, where I can put my wallet and phone. I’ve never felt so organized.

4. I’m obsessed with these transparent, color-coded folders. Each one is for a different topic. It drives me crazy when I run out and there’s a loose paper.

5. Ivanka is always sending me articles that she’s ripped from magazines and newspapers, with little notes and ideas written in the margins—this one is about new trends in silver jewelry.

6. I’ve got sketches for our upcoming shoe collection, which I’m really excited about.

7. I carry my Moleskine notebook everywhere with me.