Watch Ivanka on Good Morning America

Amy Robach invited Ivanka to join GMA to discuss #WomenWhoWork.

Amy Robach invited Ivanka to join Good Morning America today to talk about #WomenWhoWork. To us, being featured on the number-one morning show in America is a validation of our message: that women today are working, hard, in all aspects of their lives. That work can be aspirational. That success isn’t defined by a job title. That every woman is qualified to create the life she wants to live. 

It’s been a wonderful, crazy season for us at #IvankaTrumpHQ and we’re thrilled to end the year by continuing to spread a message that’s so close to all of our hearts. If you haven't yet, watch the original #WomenWhoWork video and join the conversation. While we were at the studio, Lara Spencer filmed a video with her extended job title and posted it to Instagram. See more behind-the-scenes moments from our time on set this morning. Ivanka_BTS_0 Ivanka_BTS_1 Ivanka_BTS