From the Intern’s Desk: Leaving a Lasting Impression

Our former copy and social media intern, Mallory, shares her tips for making your connections last.

From Mallory:
Although internships are a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and expand your network, you often only have a few months at the company to build relationships. It's essential to leave a lasting impression on your co-workers and sustain your connections long after your internship has ended—after all, these are the people you hope will hire you, or vouch for you in the future. It's important that they remember you fondly. Intern Tip Number 1: Work Hard And Be Responsible

1. Go above and beyond to excel at every given task.

Take your internship seriously and put your heart into your work. If your supervisor sees how hardworking and dedicated you are, they'll be more likely to write you a great letter of recommendation or endorse you for a full-time job.
Get To Know The People Around You

2. Think of networking as making new friends—it's less intimidating that way.

Go out of your way to talk to the people in your office or invite them to get lunch with you. If there is someone in your office you want to know more about, ask them on a coffee date for an informational interview, where you can learn about their background and career. Make An Effort After Work

3. Spend time with your team outside of the office

Spending time with your team outside of the office is absolutely crucial to creating personal relationships with your co-workers (on #TeamIvanka, that meant after-work picnics in Central Park and happy hours near Trump Tower). When you're outside the office, it's easier to form friendships organically.

Keep In Touch When Your Internship Is Over

4. Send personal emails or texts to your former coworkers throughout the year.

Bring up something that you’ve read about the company or maybe even a new initiative they have started on social media. This is an example of an email I would send to my supervisor at Ivanka Trump:

Hey Sarah!

How are you doing? I hope you and the team are doing well. I absolutely loved the new article on the site about job hunting online—I'll definitely be taking those tips into consideration after graduation this spring.

I'm heading back to New York for winter break and would love to stop by the office and catch up with everyone. Let me know when you're free!



You can adjust the level of formality based on your relationship and the industry you're in—we tend to keep correspondence less formal at Ivanka Trump HQ—but the gist is to mention a recent development at the company and set up a time to meet in person.
Nurture Your Digital Network

5. Connect with everyone you worked with on LinkedIn, and follow their careers.

You never know where they'll end up, or who will be able to help you land your dream job. Most importantly, stay friends with your fellow interns! They will also go on to have exciting and varied careers, and the camaraderie you all felt as interns will help you become both great friends and professional connections in the future.