From the Interns' Desk: Interview Tips

Our interns share their best interview advice.

At #TeamIvanka HQ, we're now four interns strong—and we may be biased, but we truly feel like we've got some of the best and the brightest on our team this summer. In a continuation of our series by—and for!—interns, we've asked each of ours to share their no. 1 tip for landing a summer position. College students, listen up.

Mallory Foster #TeamIvanka Copy InternMallory Foster

Copy Intern
When your interviewer asks if you have any questions, never say “no.” You should come prepared with thoughtful, well-researched questions that are specific to the company. Have plenty of back-ups, in case your interviewer answers some of yours over the course of the interview.
Sherry Duan #TeamIvanka Creative Intern

Sherry Duan

Creative Intern
The best interview advice I’ve ever been given is to remember to interview your potential employer as much as they’re interviewing you. It’s not just about convincing the potential employer to hire you, but finding out if this job is the right one for you. Also, a smile never hurts!


Bella DiMarzio #TeamIvanka Graphic Design Intern

Bella DiMarzio

Graphic Design Intern
In an interview, you should pause before answering questions so you are able to fully listen and think about how to answer. If the interviewer offers you a glass of water, always accept it. As silly as it sounds, your mouth will get dry from all that talking (and your nerves), plus you can take a sip if you need to.
Stacie Kincade #TeamIvanka Design Intern

Stacie Kincade

Design Intern

It might sound cliche, but confidence is everything. People see through low self-esteem like glass. Have confidence in yourself and the decisions you make along the way, and other people will have confidence in you, too. Most importantly, don't ever let anyone try to tell you what you are (or aren’t) capable of. You control your reality, so don't settle for anything less. If you want that big job with a lot of responsibility, go get it! If the job you want doesn't exist, you may even be able to create that position for yourself. I came out here from Iowa on a class trip and made a point to introduce myself to the Ivanka Trump team. Being a relatively new company, they hadn't really had interns before. I inquired about the possibility of becoming an intern for IT and now I'm here for the summer.