How to Take Care of Leather (and Sweaters)

Our designer shares her best tips for making your fall wardrobe last.

Fall essentials like leather and sweaters are great investment pieces, but we want to make sure they’ll have real staying power. To really make them worth their pricetag, we need to keep them in great condition for seasons to come. How so? We sat down with our designer, Torie Greenberg, a fashion veteran who’s worked with brands like Jones Apparel and Magaschoni for 10 years, and she shared what she’s learned along the way:

How to Take Care of Leather (and Sweaters)

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Store them right

When it comes to leather bags, shoes and jackets, store them in shoe bags. Just make sure everything is dry beforehand, otherwise they can mold. For sweaters, the best way to avoid moths is to fold them inside ziplock storage bags and then put them in a sweater bag or drawer. In my experience, wood blocks and cedar spray don’t really work!

Follow proper cleaning guidelines

I don’t clean any of my leather regularly. Aside from one pair of leather pants that I take to the dry cleaner every few months, I bring seriously beat-up items to my shoe repair shop. Believe it or not, I’ve started washing my sweaters in the washing machine. I put them on a gentle cold cycle with The Laundress detergent and then lay them flat to dry.

Prevent and remove damage

My first line of defense on leather is this spray that I use on my and my husband’s shoes. It protects against water and dirt. If I do happen to get caught in the rain, I run—and then stuff my shoes with socks or newspaper immediately after I get home. To get rid of pen marks, I swear by Amodex Ink and Stain Remover. It has even gotten rid of wine on my leather dining chairs. For sweaters that need a refresher in between washes, The Laundress spray never fails—plus, it also protects against moths. Fabric shavers can help with removing pills, but be careful not to shave too much or there will be a bald spot in the middle of sweater. I prefer to use cashmere combs for finer qualities.