Hot Mamas: #TeamIvanka

We couldn’t resist asking the women in our office to share their own words of wisdom.

We’ve all loved reading the life hacks we’ve received in our Hot Mamas countdown to Mother’s Day. Hearing from these amazing women has reminded us that automated deliveries are genius, takeout is not the devil and it really does take a village. As we wrap up the series, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include tips from the women on our team—as far as #womenwhowork go, we think these ladies have a few things figured out:  

Marissa Kraxberger

Creative Director Marissa KraxbergerMarissa Kraxberger Motherhood Advice


Abigail Klem

Chief Merchandising Officer, Licensing and Brand Director Abigail KlemAbigail Klem Motherhood Advice



Tricia Whalen

Vice President of Licensing and New Business Development Tricia WhalenTricia Whalen Motherhood Tip



Kelly Del Sordi

Licensing Manager Kelly Del SordiKelly Del Sordi Motherhood Tip



Sarah Warren

Editorial Director Sarah WarrenSarah Warren Motherhood Tip Sarah's photograph by Meg Bridge Photography