Weekly Clicks: Holiday Hacks

Festive tips and tricks.

Weekly Clicks: Holiday Hacks

1. Capture the moment

This app will frame your holiday photos for under $30 and in less than five minutes (it's both an easy decor option and a sweet gift!).

2. Cross off your tasks

Consult our pre-holiday checklist to get ahead of stress.

3. Save some cash

Use PriceBlink to find coupons on your gift list items before you click "add to cart."

4. Recycle

You’ve wrapped your gifts; now use the cardboard tubes for clever household purposes.

5. Watch a movie

Our favorite festive pastime—Netflix and chill.

6. Be a good tipper

Take the guessing game out of tipping with this handy how-to guide.

7. Say thank you

Print this quickie card template when you’re in a pinch.

8. Just breathe

Download Headspace and meditate your way through stressful planning and unbounded family time.

Image courtesy of Ivanka Trump. Photographer: Kenneth Grzymala