Gift Guide For: Your Intern

For being the first one in and the last one out—say thanks with an unexpected token of gratitude.

A good intern is hard to find (trust us). If you've got a keeper, recognize their efforts with a gift that's well-considered and tailored to their tastes.

See the full holiday gift guide here. #giftguide #intern #IvankaTrump 1. A planner to start her new year off right.
2. This cute flash drives, because if she's bringing work home, she might as well do it with something chic.
3. A Field Guide to the High Line for the intern who's new to New York and wants to impress visiting friends.
4. A manicure at Paintbox (or at a salon near the office).
5. Some delicious Jeni's ice cream.
6. A pretty sleep mask because she’s got three roommates, and they all leave the lights on.
7. Fun flute glass for her New Year's Eve party.
8. Oon power cord a practical (and playful) touch for cramped cubicles.
9. MZ Wallace's sparkly card case that she'll always be able to spot in her bag.
10. Custom stationery—a necessary luxury.
11. A pretty candle set to add a luxe touch to a starter apartment.
12. Download and print five "get out of work early" cards (it goes without saying why these will be a hit)!

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