The Spill: Hitha Palepu of Hitha On the Go

The blogger and frequent flier lets us peek inside her carry-on.

Hitha Palepu has made a name for herself as a bonafide packing guru on her site, Hitha On the Go. She shared her packing list for a business trip with us, and now she’s giving us a sneak peek inside her travel bag. The Spill: Hitha Palepu of Hitha On the Go FROM THE IVANKA TRUMP COLLECTION: Turnberry Satchel and Chargeable Rio Tech Sleeve

From Hitha:
I like to fly with a medium-sized bag that has both a shoulder strap and a top handle, so I have options as to how I want carry it (crossbody, on the shoulder, by the handle). I also can’t travel without my Ivanka Trump Rio charging clutch—I keep my in-flight essentials in it so I don't have to bend down multiple times to get things out of my bag. I wipe down arm rests, tray tables, windows and seat belts with Herban Essentials towelettes as soon as I get to my seat. For entertainment, I bring my fully loaded Kindle Voyage (planes are one of the last places where I can read, uninterrupted) and my Normal Headphones, which were custom-3D-printed to fit my ears perfectly. They’re so comfortable! I also travel with a vent-clip phone holder and car USB charger to make it easy to navigate and recharge my phone in a rental car. I bring a White and Warren cashmere scarf, because it’s the softest, warmest item I own—it’s like wearing a cloud! Instead of a bulky wallet, I slip my driver’s license, one credit card and a little cash into my card case. I like to travel light, and this system makes replacing a lost wallet (which I’ve had to do twice!) a LOT easier. I never go anywhere without my Graphic Image refillable notebook and Le Pen black pen. I also carry an Artifact Uprising photo book filled with pictures of my son, husband and loved ones—it keeps them close to me when I’m on the road. And, of course, I have snacks with me, always. You can find a Nourish Snacks packet, a sea-salt-dark-chocolate Kind Bar or a baggie of almonds on me at all times.

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