The Round-Up: Healthy Habits

Keep the doctor away.

Cure your insomnia

Family wellness coach Michelle Gindi reveals her secrets to a better night’s sleep.

Skip the diet books

If there’s one article you read about food and eating right, make it this one.

Talk about mental health

#HalfTheStory, a social media campaign dedicated to sharing unfiltered online narratives (a.k.a. the stuff you don’t see), creates a dialogue around the pressure to be perfect.

Shop to support

Swap your sweats for ones from this on-trend activewear brand that donates proceeds to fight hunger nationwide.

Track your water intake

H20 is key for glowy skin, energized muscles and even digestion—monitor your hydration with this popular app and sleek, dot-system bottle.

Meal plan for the week

Might we suggest these three delicious brain-fueling recipes to start?


Wear These Post-Gym

Striped Ruffle
Sleeveless Bow
Tank Top
Striped Bow