See Ivanka on Harper’s Bazaar’s #ConversationPieces Series

Danielle Snyder, co-founder of DANNIJO, interviewed Ivanka on work and family.

Ivanka had the pleasure of being interviewed by her friend Danielle Snyder, the co-founder of DANNIJO, in Harper’s Bazaar’s #ConversationPieces series. Get the top takeaways here, and head over to Harper’s Bazaar to watch the full video and see more interviews with inspiring women who work, including Garance Doré and Leandra Medine.

1. Her mother paved the way

“My mother was and is incredible. She continues to be this ever-present force in my life. She was personally and professionally a great source of inspiration. She was working at a time when a lot less women were.”

2. Working with family is tricky

“Family business is a complicated dynamic. It’s really easy to take your siblings for granted and speak to them in a way that you would never speak to somebody else. You let your guard down so much and become so comfortable that you actually can hurt their feelings.”

3. Having a family makes you a nicer person

“When you’re single, you’re not forced to be as thoughtful. Now I have more empathy for the emotions of the people around me. It’s hard to imagine that I could be as happy as I am without Jared. He’s my best friend, and he and our children are the center of my universe.”