#AskIvanka: Office Gift-Giving Etiquette

Ivanka takes the stress out of holiday gifting in the workplace.

I have a large team and a small budget. Any Ideas? #AskIvanka Holiday gifting in the office can be tricky—do you need to give gifts? What if you don’t have a big budget? We asked Ivanka to weigh in and answer some of our own queries, as well as those you posted on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #AskIvanka. Here, she simplifies the delicate art of workplace giving. P.S. Wondering about etiquette for the holiday party? Send us your questions with the hashtag #AskIvanka. What's the rule for gift giving in the office? #AskIvankaGift giving is never mandatory—but it’s obviously always appreciated. Price doesn’t need to be a primary factor here, a small, thoughtful gesture will go a long way. Avoid giving anything too expensive as it may make the other person feel uncomfortable or obligated to reciprocate in kind. I have a large office and a small budget. Any ideas? #AskIvankaSuggest a game like Secret Santa or Yankee Swap, where everyone buys only one gift. If you want to give each person something special, use a local baker and add a personal touch—like a monogram or a holiday greeting—to petit fours, iced cookies or cupcakes. It will increase the cost, but the personalization will give you a memorable gift for around $5. I'm new to the team. Do I need to give gifts? #AskIvankaNo, but you also don’t want to be the only one who doesn’t. It won’t hurt to give your boss and co-workers something minor—in fact it will likely help you integrate into the office culture more quickly. What should I give my clients? #AskIvankaA seasonal fruit delivery is generous, appropriate and will keep you front of mind throughout the year. H.Bloom offers a similar subscription service for floral arrangements (they're gorgeous). A donation to charity in the recipient’s name is nice, especially if it’s an organization that’s important to your client. My husband once gave his partners each a small branded toolkit—he’s in real estate so there was a natural connection. People still talk about how they keep it in their closet and pull it out for random home repairs! When is an appropriate time to bring gifts to the office? #AskIvankaBring your gifts at the beginning of December, before people start leaving for vacations. Most gifts from clients and vendors come later in the month, so I like to be ahead of the game.