Weekly Clicks: Get Ready for Tax Season

Everything you need to know before filing on April 18.

Weekly Clicks: Get Ready for Tax Season

1. Gather all your receipts

Start itemizing these commonly overlooked deductions by millennials for their tax return—job hunting expenses like cab fares and business cards count!

2. Keep track of your nonprofit activity in one place

Learn how this charitable platform consolidates all your donation receipts, to make getting your write-off as easy as 1,2,3.

3. Reduce your tax bill

Follow these foolproof tips from the New York Times, from protecting money in an IRA to filing a claim on behalf of a family member.

4. Get a little help from the Internet

Head to TurboTax.com (an oldie but a goodie!)

5. Avoid the dreaded audit

Use this comprehensive checklist to make sure you’re not making any tax-filing mistakes.

6. Need an extension?

No worries—fill out this form by the IRS if you need more time to file your business income tax.