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Ever find yourself staying up until 2am to meet a deadline or forgetting to pick up your clothing from the dry cleaners? Time management is an essential skill to master in both work and life, and we’re devoting this month to perfecting our abilities in planning ahead, prioritizing and making the most of our limited hours in the day.

Our Entrepreneurs in Residence are back with more of their expert knowledge: Dr. Nancy Simpkins advises on how to streamline a doctor’s appointment, Diana Henderson will help us find the time we think we don’t have at work and Jayne Williams creates a line-up of grab & go lunches you can prep in advance.

When it come to our style stories, we’ll also be making time management a top priority. You'll learn how to get dressed in 5 minutes and see how to take one style to three events (to avoid another shopping trip and, instead, spend your energy elsewhere).

Here’s to efficiency,

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