From Ivanka’s Desk: Skift Global Forum

Ivanka fills us in on the “TED of the travel industry.”

From Ivanka: I recently had the pleasure of speaking at the Skift Global Forum in Brooklyn. It’s a fantastic event where innovators and leaders across the travel and hospitality industries come together to share ideas—it’s being lauded as the “TED of the travel industry,” and with good reason. I had the opportunity to discuss building a hotel brand, and shared some of what I’ve learned in my experience as the EVP of Development and Acquisitions at the Trump Organization, and as a co-founder of the Trump Hotel Collection, which is now the fastest growing luxury hotel company in the world. Ivanka Trump at the Skift Global Forum

Know your customer

It is essential to engage with your customer, rather than to talk at them—don’t just tell them to buy what you’re selling, but instead, ask what they want to buy and let that inform your business decisions. I value my social networks enormously and love the candid feedback from my followers. We post renderings of our hotels on our social media channels as we design them, and ask our followers for their opinions. At my fashion brand, we are constantly engaging with our audience to get a better understanding of what they desire from us as we design solution-oriented apparel and accessories for modern, professional women. We also ask our followers what kind of content they’d like to see on the site. We host Facebook Q&As, where fans are invited to ask our amazing roster of contributors for advice in their areas of expertise. I have an ongoing column called #AskIvanka, where our readers can ask me questions on topics ranging from interview skills, to negotiating a raise, to business travel. Most recently, I asked readers what they’d look for the perfect crossbody bag, so that my design team can create our next bag knowing exactly what our customers are looking for.

Stay ahead of the curve

It’s no secret that, as a society, we are constantly connected, and this is especially true for millennials. Technology has been, and will be, a key focus for the growth of the Trump Hotel Collection. Our GuestTek program provides seamless integration of personal electronic devices to the hotel’s television system, which is especially helpful for our business travelers, and guests have complimentary access to more than 2,500 digital newspapers and magazines at all times. It’s those little details that make a guest’s stay that much easier and more memorable—those bespoke touches are the difference between a one-time guest and a loyal, lifelong customer.

Be open-minded

We stay ahead of the game by being open to opportunities. We are bold and innovative in our design and architecture. Our willingness to take risks as we seek to create an unparalleled collection of iconic assets is part of what sets us apart, and it's the reason Trump Hotel Collection is growing so quickly. Photo courtesy of Skift Global Forum