From Ivanka’s Desk: A Progress Report

The historical preservation at the iconic Old Post Office is well underway.

From Ivanka: I have always loved the tangible nature of development. To witness a building being built from the ground-up or, in the case of a renovation, transforming before your eyes, is an incredible experience. When that project is a national icon of historic importance, the thrill is that much greater; the responsibility to get it right, that much more important. Ivanka at Old Post Office My family acquired the Old Post Office (soon to be Trump Hotel Washington, D.C.) in 2013. We recognized from the start that we were in possession of a true treasure. We spent many of our early days poring over plans and historical documents, researching features and digging deep into the building’s past. Historic Old Post Office, Washington, D.C. The property was originally built in the 1800s as part of an urban renewal project meant to make Pennsylvania Avenue the center of our nation’s government and announce DC as a world-class city. Our goal today is to restore it to its former glory—and reintroduce it to Washington D.C. as a luxurious hotel with a fascinating history. To help us navigate the process, we are working closely with the United States government and several expert historians. We are meticulously rehabilitating every inch of the structure, right down to each window and door. The best part about restoring a building as magnificent as the Old Post Office is that you inherit the detail and grandeur of the space—it’s unlike anything you might find in a modern hotel. The ceiling heights are soaring and the existing dentil moldings are gorgeous. The rooms are spacious, with tons of natural light, and you feel like you’re experiencing a part of history when you’re there. Historic Old Post Office, Washington, D.C. Perhaps my favorite feature is the cortile. It’s truly sensational. A beautiful glass ceiling towers 10-stories overhead. The building’s iconic clock tower façade can be seen from inside the grand lobby. Our carefully considered design will invite people to gather and enjoy the sunshine during the day, and the stars at night. The backlit onyx bar will be the focal point of the space and will emit a beautiful glow in the evening. It’s going to be perhaps the most magnificent lobby anywhere in the world. To further tell the property’s story and trace its roots, my family is building a museum, which will be located on the ground floor, and will be open to the public, free of charge. The Old Post Office is such special place, and I’m honored to be involved in its meticulous redevelopment. I promise to keep you posted with ongoing updates as the project continues to evolve.