From Ivanka’s Desk: The Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit

Get the top takeaways from Ivanka’s talk—and watch the full video.

Today, Ivanka had the incredible honor of speaking at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit. Along with a roster of amazing women in business, philanthropy and the arts (GM CEO Mary Barra, First Lady Michelle Obama and New America Foundation President Anne Marie Slaughter among them), Ivanka was interviewed live about her life and career by Fortune Senior Editor at Large Patricia Sellers. She discussed her roles at both the Trump Organization and Ivanka Trump (as it turns out, they’re not so different), and talked about building effective teams, staying open to opportunities and putting family first. Get the highlights from her talk, and watch it in full below!


Great companies are focused on execution and excellence

The difference between something good and something great is the execution of that last 10%. In brand-building, it’s also critical to focus on authentic storytelling. People respond to brands that are genuine and authentic in everything they do, and that’s part of the reason why both the Trump Organization and the Ivanka Trump brand have been so successful.

Building great teams is the key to success

I divide my time between two demanding roles at the Trump Organization and my own brand. Rather than compartmentalize, I think about where I’m most needed. I think about how to best leverage myself for the benefit of both companies. If there’s something I can do better than anyone else, and it adds value, then I should do it. If there’s something someone else can do better than or as well as I can, I delegate. Ultimately that’s the only way you can scale. Be honest in assessing your team and ensuring they complement your strengths and weaknesses. Ivanka Trump at The Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit

Go where opportunity takes you

Beyond being the VP of Development and Acquisitions at the Trump Org and leading my fashion brand, I am an entrepreneur. I constantly keep my eye out for opportunities. In order to do that, you have to have bandwidth in your schedule, despite how busy you are, to take that meeting that maybe isn’t as strategically relevant to everything on your plate.

Determine your priorities and plan accordingly

I try to make sure my life is structured around the priorities I set for myself. My family is my top priority, always. I’m incredibly ambitious and career-driven, but my children and my husband come first. I always ensure I have mornings and evenings with my family—I leave the office by 5:30, have dinner with my kids, put them to bed and take time to connect with my husband after that. It means signing back on to follow up on work emails at 11 p.m., and general sleep deprivation, but it’s worth it to have that focused time with my family.