How to Fit In a Workout, No Matter What

The founders of Carbon38 have a few tricks up their (spandex) sleeves.

You started with a well-intentioned resolution to work out five times a week—then you went back to work after the holidays. Caroline Gogolak and Katie Warner Johnson, the founders of luxury fitness retailer Carbon38 (aka busy women who work, like yourself), feel your pain, and they have a solution. Last month, in addition to their already-super-popular e-commerce site, they launched an in-house brand of apparel meant to easily transition from work to workout. “Corporate wardrobes are changing and women are required to do more—as moms, wives, friends, entrepreneurs, executives and so on—while looking put-together,” says Katie. “The wardrobe is the foundation of a woman’s day and it can either hinder her success or help her.” With that in mind, they took activewear fabrics and applied them to polished silhouettes, resulting in machine-washable, moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant pieces that look effortlessly chic (yes, please). Caroline and Katie shared a few of their other smart solutions for fitting in fitness, no matter how busy you get.

1. Build your activewear wardrobe

There are a few basic pieces you need in your workout wardrobe: A perfect pair of leggings (in an elevated fabric, rather than faded cotton), a high-neck tank that you can transition to work with a blazer and a great sports bra. Carbon38 Activewear Wardrobe From Carbon 38: Speed Elastic Bra, High Neck Tank, Radium Legging

2. Transition your performance-wear from the gym to the street

There are a few key pieces that can quickly elevate your workout clothes and transition them to the rest of your day. Boots or booties, a leather jacket and a chic handbag are pretty much it. Great accessories make it much easier. Transition your performance-wear from the gym to the street From the Ivanka Trump Collection: Tote (shop similar here), skirt (shop similar here), booties (shop similar here), and blazer. From Carbon38: High Neck Tank

3. Choose pieces that can survive a gym bag

If you’re doing a workout that gets you really sweaty, the worst feeling after taking a shower is putting on a pair of tight jeans or, if you're coming from a more formal environment, a merino wool suit. Plus, it’s been sitting in your gym bag getting wrinkled. It’s a lot more efficient to put on something in a performance fabric, like our neoprene dress. It doesn’t wrinkle and it’s exactly what you want to throw on after a sweaty workout. We also recommend adding a blazer—it’s one of those pieces we like to call “après gym,” that’ll help you transition to the next part of your day.

4. Master post-exercise beauty

Dry shampoo is a Godsend. Use it to get a little lift in your roots, which you can turn into a good textured braid or full-bodied pony. I also love Mio skincare products—they have face wipes that make for really quick cleanup after working out, and they’re individually packaged so you can just throw one in your gym bag. Post-Exercise Beauty From the Ivanka Trump Collection: 3-in-1 Cosmetic Cases (shop similar here)

5. Fit it in

If you make working out a priority, you’ll find the time, even if that means waking up earlier to hit an early class. Katie goes to a candle-lit yoga class late at night a few times a week. After that final savasana, she basically rolls home and into bed—it’s better than a sleeping pill. Then she prefers to do more intense workouts in the morning when she's fresh. Morning is when she's going to burn calories and night is when she's going to calm her mind. We also have a different fitness instructor come into our office every Thursday and teach a class for our team.

6. Make your workout work for you

Caroline forgoes invitations to work out with other people; that's her time to herself—as an escape from work and everything else. Katie's single, so when she goes on dates, instead of going to get a glass of wine, she suggests hiking or a Soulcycle class. It's the perfect test (and healthier than going out for a big dinner!).