Weekly Clicks: First Day on the Job

Start your new gig on a high note.

Weekly Clicks: First Day on the Job

1. Plan your outfit

It’s important to look and feel your best. Try one of these 20 stylish, work-appropriate ideas that’ll make a good impression.

2. Pack an easy lunch

Holistic nutritionist Maria Marlowe gives us three salad-in-a-jar recipes—just in case your new coworkers are too busy to step out.

3. Outline your day

The Muse prepares a morning-to-EOD guide to help you rock your first day.

4. Arrive early

Get a full night’s sleep to ensure a seamless, stress-free morning.

5. Introduce yourself

Strike up conversation and make meaningful small talk.

6. Impress your boss

Follow this career expert's 9 tips for your first week, and be prepared with a notebook for inevitable notetaking!

From The Ivanka Trump Collection: Scuba Dress