Fall 2016 Campaign: Meet Kelcey Hix

Shortly after the birth of her first son, Kelcey Hix made the choice to stay at home and focus on raising a family full­time. “It wasn’t an easy decision,” she says. “Our world often defines success by accomplishments—what tangible things did I achieve today—and, at least right now, I’m in the trenches with my children and can’t always see how the moments I’m investing in them today will produce that fruit.” Despite the challenges of stay­-at­-home parenting, Kelcey is reminded of how crucial her role is in shaping the next generation. “I think that motherhood is so important because we are grooming these little ones to live beyond our time and to give back to this world,” she says. “Sometimes, the little decisions throughout the day don’t seem very important, but they all add up and, together, they’re helping to mold the character of our children.” This fall, as her two oldest boys start school, Kelcey will be going back to school herself—putting her master’s degree in social work to use as a part­-time counselor at a local elementary school for kids with special needs. kelcey2 kelcey