Fall 2016 Campaign: Meet Cheryl Hahn

Cheryl Han spent her early career fully immersed in the luxury consumer products industry. She spent five years at L’Oreal, strategizing for brands like Lancôme, Armani Cosmetics and Shu Uemura, just as big­name luxury brands were starting to dip their toes into e­commerce. She found that, as these companies moved their business online, they lost a big piece of what makes them great—their level of personal service. Cheryl decided to go back to school (Harvard Business School, to be exact) with a clear goal in mind: to solve digital shopping’s lack of one­on­one service. In 2013, she launched Keaton Row, an online shopping service that virtually pairs members with experts who help them build cohesive wardrobes and style looks for any occasion that arises. “I’m always looking to learn something,” says Cheryl. “I spend a big part of my day listening to other people, hearing what they think about the business and taking those things and applying them.” She sees entrepreneurship not as a means to an end, but as a path worth celebrating in its own right. “For me, the journey—being on it, leaning into it, not being afraid of being on it—is really my life’s work more than the destination itself.” cheryl2 cheryl