Weekly Clicks: Your Fall To-Do List

Start the season refreshed and ready to get back down to business.

Weekly Clicks: Your Fall To-Do List

1. Set goals

Take a few tips from Natalie Gulbis, an LPGA Tour golfer (among many other things).

2. Start a meal planning routine

Follow this guide to prepping on Sunday for the whole week.

3. Get your side project off the ground

This downloadable business planning cheat sheet demystifies the process.

4. Update your skincare routine

Try this Korean beauty step-by-step for glowing skin.

5. Boost your productivity

Get back into focus mode with Dr. Samantha Boardman’s unexpected suggestions.

6. Sort out your shopping

Sign up for Parcel, which organizes your online shopping, to keep your fall spending in check (plus, it’ll help you stay on top of holiday gifting).

7. Get one more trip on the books

2016 is rapidly wrapping up, so it’s your last chance to hit one of this year’s best destinations.

8. Clean out your desk

Tidy Tova to the rescue.

9. Streamline your mornings

Simplify your daily makeup routine.