Weekly Clicks: Hack Your Commute

Make the most of your time commuting with these apps, ideas and products.

Weekly Clicks Commuting

1. Get energized

Order a Ban.do tumbler for sipping iced coffee on the train.

2. Pass the time with a book

Download one of these NYC icons' memoirs and live vicariously through them.

3. Stay comfortable

Wear flats and bring your Carra pumps in your bag to change into at work.

4. Make a to-do list

Print one of Brit + Co’s downloadable to-do lists and plan out your day or week while you're on the train.

5. Learn a language

Download Duolingo and brush up on your Italian on-the-go.

6. Stay cool

Steal these celebrities' and models' (hello, Candice Swanpoel) hot-weather style and look put-together on the sweltering subway.

7. Save it for later

When you come across an article during your midday Internet break, save it with the Pocket app to read on your commute home later.

Ivanka Trump Bag: Briarcliff Drawstring Cross-Body
Photographer: Nathan Kraxberger
Prop Stylist: Randi Brookman Harris