The Skill Set: How to Fit in a Workout When Work Gets Crazy

Fitness and Lifestyle Expert Christine Bullock shares routines for every level of busy-ness.

Christine Bullock, a fitness and lifestyle pro, believes that, when it comes to working out, it’s all about quality over quantity. She put together workouts for those days when you can barely even find a minute to breathe. The Skill Set: How to Fit in a Workout When Work Gets Crazy

How Much Time Do You Have?  

1. Literally none

Get a natural caffeine kick

As you brew your morning coffee, begin to awaken the body with inchworms. Roll down one vertebrae at a time, walk out to a plank and reverse until you roll up to standing. Perform 5-10 while waiting for your morning caffeine.

Clean up and tone up

Make the bed and boost your metabolism by adding 20 push-ups on the right side of bed. Run sideways, facing the bed, to the other side, tapping your hand on the mattress until you reach the left side. Fix the pillows, then repeat 20 pushups.

Build the bank account and the booty

Pancake bottoms are a real thing when you spend hours in an office chair. Do a wall sit while you work. You can get through emails and make sales calls while toning your lower body.

Drink water

Science says that even mild dehydration can affect your ability to concentrate and make otherwise easy tasks seem more difficult. Drink up! The more you drink, the more you move to and from the bathroom—every step counts!

2. 5-10 minutes

Head outside

Throw on some tennis shoes and head outside. Perform 30-second sprints at full capacity with a 15-second break in between each. Repeat as many sequences as you can in your available time. High-intensity intervals in the morning will boost your metabolism, resting calorie burn, focus, energy and mood for the day.

3. 15-20 minutes

Do a full high-intensity workout

Science has shown that a 20-minute high-intensity workout can be as effective as a 60-minute workout. Try the following plan or check out my programs, Evolution 20 and Super Shred, for more than 15 workouts that can each be done in less than 20 minutes.

Repeat this sequence twice for a 20-minute workout:

1:00 jumping jacks
:30 squats
:30 lunges
1:00 knee tucks
:30 mountain climbers
:30 burpees
1:00 jog in place
:30 side lunge
:30 tricep dips
1:00 lunge jumps
:30 plie squat
:30 ab hip lifts
1:00 jump rope
:30 push-ups
:30 donkey kicks


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