Get Motivated with Fitness and Lifestyle Expert Christine Bullock

She talks about making things happen.

“I was always unsure of what I wanted to do even when I was in my 20's,” says fitness expert Christine Bullock. As a teenager, she wanted to write for magazines. She was a ballerina and an artist; she’d draw and paint and create sculptures. Her parents discouraged her from a career in the arts, so she went to college to study education. “I was unhappy,” she says. “I loved the kids, but it wasn’t my life’s goal.” She fell into a few jobs after school, first as a sales rep and national sales trainer for Sephora, then working for a plastic surgeon. “I kept following jobs I didn’t love for the financial security,” she says. “Then, one day, I just said to myself, ‘I need to do what I love.’” She asked herself, “What do I do when I’m not working? What can I not stop talking about?” The answer was fitness and well-being. Get Motivated with Fitness and Lifestyle Expert Christine Bullock She had been teaching yoga since college, and took the leap from a comfortable nine-to-five into teaching fitness classes full-time. “I earned a bunch of certifications and went full force, and from there, each door has opened,” she says. “When you’re doing something you genuinely love, doors will open for you.” She now has a signature workout method, Evolution 20, and a body skincare line, KAYO. “Now, I write for magazines, create workout classes, design DVD's and co-develop the product and packaging for KAYO,” she says. “I’m using my creativity and talents, which is so gratifying." We talked with Christine about motivation, stress and what she hopes to achieve with her growing brand.

1. Wellness is a grassroots effort

Living a healthy life helps you enjoy everything else that you do. When I was unhappy in my old job, I wasn't taking care of myself. I've also gone through tons of health issues, including hypothyroid, which gave me low energy, and I’ve dealt with fertility problems. I've had to really learn what true health is, and I love sharing that with people. My mission is to help women live their best lives and feel great from the inside out. It’s a grassroots effort—when they feel great, they have the power to make someone else feel wonderful, too.

2. To get motivated, tackle stress first

Stress is what really inhibits motivation, because you get overwhelmed. The biggest thing that keeps me motivated isn’t amping myself up; it’s meditation. It keeps me calm and grounded. When you're feeling like yourself, you're constantly feeling that nice, easy drive throughout your day. Get Motivated with Fitness and Lifestyle Expert Christine Bullock

3. When you love what you do, opportunities come naturally

I work my butt off, but my job is so in-line with who I am that it doesn’t feel like work. I worked in medical device sales before and made good money, but it was such a struggle. It felt so difficult and draining. Once I decided to go into something I love, opportunities came naturally. I taught Pilates at Equinox for a while, and they ended up putting me in one of their infamous videos, which helped me get my name out there. I happened to meet Ariana Swan, who owns Boutique Publicity, because our husbands are friends. She not only became one of my best friends, but she was also incredibly helpful and knowledgeable when I was starting my business. If there’s something you love to do, you can pay the bills with it and more. You just need to motivate and educate yourself.

4. Be patient

I think of products all day long that I want to provide for people, but I've learned to be patient. I had always wanted a beauty line, but I took my time. I let my ideas sit on the back burner and then Carrington, my business partner, randomly mentioned that her family had been in skincare for over thirty years; I had no idea. It formed the perfect team, and I’m so glad I waited for it to come together that way. I couldn’t have designed the quality of KAYO and run the business without her.

5. Only make things you’re proud to put your name on

I never create anything unless I want it from a consumer standpoint. I come up with ideas for skincare products or workout programs because I see a need for them; they’re things that I wish were available. I am my brand, so anything I put my name on is a reflection of my brand. My workout method is well-researched and I created it because I truly believe it’s the reason I have my best possible body. The same goes for KAYO—the ingredients are clean and high-quality, because I’d put nothing else on my body’s largest organ. Why would you want to put a product into the world that isn't perfect by your own standards?

Image courtesy of Ivanka Trump. Illustration by Jonny Ruzzo