Hot Mama: Christiane Lemieux

The founder of DwellStudio and executive creative director of Wayfair embraces blissful chaos.

Christiane Lemieux When it comes to baby brands (and hell, adult brands, too) DwellStudio is often top of mind. The modern decor company offers a slew of gorgeous furniture, textiles and accessories—many of which are dressed up with bold, beautiful prints. The woman who brought it all to life? Christiane Lemieux. Christiane started her company out of the SoHo apartment she shared with her then-boyfriend Josh, in 1999, when she was just 23 years old. The designer-turned-entrepreneur has added a few feathers to her cap in the 16 years since then: she and Josh married, she became executive creative director of Wayfair (who acquired her brand in 2013) and she gave birth to two little ones—who’ve grown into bigger ones. “When my children were younger, I was given the advice to outsource as much as I can afford so that I could spend as much time as possible with my kids. It helps with the guilt. And I order everything online. One day, I know I’ll go back to hand-picking my fruit, but for now I would rather be at the park with my kids.” Christiane Lemieux Motherhood Tip