The Spill: A Curated Care Package

Kimberly Fink, cancer survivor and founder of Treatmint Box, creates the ultimate gift bag for a friend undergoing treatment.

When prop stylist Kimberly Fink was unexpectedly diagnosed with uterine cancer at 32, there was an outpouring of support from friends and family. But once she got into the thick of her year-long battle, people didn’t know what to do or say to help, so many wound up doing nothing. Kimberly found that fellow cancer patients had similar experiences, and was inspired to start Treatmint Box, a subscription service that sends monthly comforting, practical gifts to people going through treatment. Kimberly shared her advice for supporting a friend through treatment, and put together a roundup of her favorite products for the ultimate care package. The Spill: A Curated Care Package FROM THE IVANKA TRUMP COLLECTION: Dorado Satchel and Floral Scarf
From Kimberly:
Give someone who’s going through treatment a mix of soothing products, creature comforts and healthy treats. I absolutely love Twig throws—they’re super warm and great for taking to chemo or cozying up on the sofa when you’re sick. Oversized scarves can be used as head scarves for women experiencing hair loss. Often, people think cancer patients are averse to scented products, but many people find scented candles therapeutic. This Oh Hello Friend print has an awesome mantra that will remind your friend every day how much she means to those around her. It’s nice to have something beautiful to look at when you’re sick in bed, and this Obvious State Collection print does the trick. It’s important to keep your hands sanitized during chemo, when your white blood cell count is very low—this hand wash and these bar soaps brighten up a bathroom (hospital or otherwise). Medications and radiation dry out skin and hands, so a good hand lotion and body butter are essential. It’s important to stay hydrated—our Never Give Up Tumbler is great to keep on hand. Flying Bird Botanicals Tea is excellent for settling upset tummies (a common side effect of treatment) and Sunnylife Popsicle Molds are great for when you can't eat anything else; you can juice fruits and veggies to make healthy pops! Mara Mi Kyoto notecards are a last, super-thoughtful touch so she can easily send thank you's for all the flowers, meals and gifts that friends send.

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Image Courtesy of Ivanka Trump Photographer: Kenneth Grzymala