9 Cabin Fever Cures for Kids

Keep them entertained; keep yourself sane.

Cabin fever is really an all-season problem. When it gets too snowy/rainy/hot/cold to go outside, avoid stir-crazy toddlers and refrains of "Mom, I'm booored" with creative ideas from a few of our favorite #WomenWhoWork. 9 Clever Cabin Fever Cures for Kids

“Write out letters A-Z on individual pieces of paper, then have the kids hunt around the house for items starting with that letter. They have to work together to find one item for each letter of the alphabet, and place it next to the paper until they’ve completed all letters. It’s fun, educational, good for many ages and takes rather a long time.”

Rosie Pope
Founder of Rosie Pope Maternity, Entrepreneur In Residence and all-around parenting pro

“My number one go-to is baking! It has to be something that's super fast in the oven, otherwise my daughter, Honor, gets really bored. Typically, we make butter cookies, which take about 15 minutes. Honor, like most kids, really enjoys eating the dough out of the bowl, icing the cookies and then finishing them off by covering them (and the entire kitchen) in sprinkles.”

 Elle Strauss
Fashion director of Brides

“We make our own books. Arabella tells a story, while I write down a couple of sentences on a piece of paper, and then she illustrates each page and I put it together into a book. The last one she made with my husband, Jared, was called ‘Animal Astronauts.’”

 Ivanka Trump
Executive Vice President of Development and Acquisitions at The Trump Organization, founder of the Ivanka Trump Collection

“Break out the chocolate chips, put them in a bowl and heat them in the microwave for 1 minute (watch them closely, so you don't overdo it). Raid the cabinets and fridge—think fruit, pretzel rods, graham crackers, marshmallows and sprinkles; I have sprinkles in every color of the rainbow! Dip pretzels, fruit and graham crackers in the chocolate and decorate them with sprinkles. Put them in Ziplocs, make cards and deliver them to neighbors, doormen—anyone in close proximity—which not only extends the activity, but also gets the sweets out of your house.”

Rachel Blumenthal
Founder of Cricket’s Circle

“I love inventing new games, and I’m not afraid of a mess. Bring on the paint, construction paper and glitter! Once in a while, I search “arts and crafts” on Pinterest and save fun ideas for easy reference on rainy or snowy days.” 

Maria Dueñas Jacobs
Accessories director of ELLE

“I keep bins full of art supplies like feathers, buttons, popsicle sticks and other odds and ends. I also keep a stash of "new" art supplies and projects aside for those really desperate days when my kids are tired of all the old tricks.”

 Amri Kibbler
Co-Founder of HeyMama

“I find cool science experiments online. My kids love that kind of stuff—it could be as simple as putting food coloring in milk to see what designs it makes. I also try to teach them some yoga but they don't quite have the attention span.”

 Stacey Bendet Eisner
CEO and creative director at Alice and Olivia

“I put on some 90s hip-hop and mash it up in the kitchen with my kid. It blows away the cobwebs on a rainy day like nothing else.”

 Anna Whitehouse
Founder of Mother Pukka

“This is a great time to encourage your kids' creativity. I love to bring out the colored pencils and paint to let them use their imagination to their fullest.”

 Josie Maran
Founder of Josie Maran Cosmetics



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Images Courtesy of Ivanka Trump. Photographer: Kenneth Grzymala