10 Ways to Boost Your Creativity at Work

Brit + Co. Founder Brit Morin offers up her favorite corporate-approved approaches—and they take less than 10 minutes!

Editor’s Note:
We’re fascinated by tech darling Brit Morin. A true digital native, Brit worked at both Apple and Google before turning an eye to her own entrepreneurial effort. Brit + Co blends DIY content with e-commerce, serving up everything from recipes and how-to’s to bonafide online classes pairing expert crafters with a new generation of would-be knitters, print-makers and calligraphers. In her new book, “Homemakers,” Brit is hailed as “Silicon Valley’s Martha Stewart.” When Brit told us that even the most left-brain, corporate-minded women among us could benefit from a dash of creativity, we wanted to hear more. Brit Morin From Brit:
Brit + Co fielded a research report last year on makers and creativity and discovered that 77% of adults want to be creative but don’t know where to start. According to the study, we’re hungry for inspiration and education, but can’t find the time to search for it in today’s busy (and increasingly virtual) world. As the founder of a company that champions unlocking creativity at every level, I’m here to tell all you #girlbosses out there that it’s time to tap into your creative side ASAP! Creativity has verifiable benefits on our health, our happiness and our productivity AND it has the ability to positively impact and transform our lives. Not only can it help lower your stress levels, but it can also leave you better equipped to tackle tough problems in the workplace. Here are 10 ways to boost your creativity in under 10 minutes.

1. Doodle at Your Desk

Pulling out a pen and some scratch paper is one of the simplest ways to exercise the right side of your brain. Plus, doodling can help you generate fresh ideas when you’ve got a bad case of writer’s block. Just make sure to only do this when you’re solo, not when you’re in a meeting, as it may appear like you’re not listening!

2. Walk Around the Office

Steve Jobs was well known for taking his meetings while walking in the hills behind his house. He believed it was more conducive to creative thinking, and he’s not the only one. A Stanford study shows that walking outdoors (or even indoors) boosts your creative inspiration. So take a 10-minute break and get moving!

3. Take a Power Nap

Let’s be honest—most of us don’t get our recommended eight hours of sleep every night. A 10-minute power nap may be just the thing to give your brain a creative boost. If you’ve ever needed an excuse for nap time in the office, here it is!

4. Listen to Music

Studies show that our brains function better after listening to music, but the trick is that it has to be music we enjoy. Put on your favorite Spotify playlist and the let the inspiration flow.

5. Take Time to Daydream

With all the information we process every day, our brains can feel a bit overloaded. Give your brain a break for a few minutes to get those creative juices flowing.

6. Build Something

Step 1: Keep a bowl of LEGOs on your desk at work. Step 2: Play with said LEGOs whenever you’re feeling uninspired. We keep them in our conference rooms at Brit + Co and truly believe they make us have more productive and inspired meetings.

7. Pin, Pin, Pin

When your brain feels too full to function, open up Pinterest in a new browser window. With millions of great ideas, you’ll be feeling inspired in no time. (Psst! We’re serving up tons of creative inspo over on Brit + Co, too!)

8. Stare at Something Green

Seriously. A study actually showed that people who took a peek at something green before a task were able to come up with more imaginative and creative answers than those who were shown other colors. So pop a green plant on your desk and start staring!

9. Drink Coffee

Waiting for inspiration to strike? Grab a cup of joe! It can give you the focus you need to connect your big ideas.

10. Read

Take a break from staring at your inbox and spend 5-10 minutes reading your favorite blog or magazine. Reading helps us open our minds to new ways of thinking, which is a great way to boost your creativity quickly.

Want more inspiration for living a more happy and productive life? Head on over to brit.co for innovative ideas, apps and products to help you live creatively!