How to Get Body-Positive in 2018

Style blogger Sarah Slusher shares her advice.

Has any woman among us managed to avoid the self-comparison, confidence-tanking rabbit hole that is Instagram these days? Now, more than ever, “body positivity” is easier said than achieved. But Sarah Slusher, the curvy blogger behind Stylish Sassy & Classy, seems to have mastered the concept, exuding confidence on her site and Instagram. “My goal is to empower women to feel good in everything they do and wear, and feel good about themselves,” she says. We can’t imagine a greater test to a woman’s body image than posting photos of herself on social media every day—and, as a style blogger, that’s exactly what Sarah does. Between managing her blog and doing social media full-time for a marketing company, she squeezed in a chat with us about her strategies for building a rock-solid, healthy body image.

Remember that everyone has insecurities

Body positivity applies to both ends of the size spectrum. One of my best friends growing up was super tall and thin and struggled with her body image. Some women think they have too many curves or too few. Every woman, no matter her size, has insecurities of some kind.

Surround yourself with body positivity

Don’t let people into your life who hurt your body image. If you’re dating a guy who makes you feel like you’re too curvy or not curvy enough, that’s not a body-positive relationship. Surround yourself with a group of girlfriends who encourage you to accept and embrace the body you have. I’m lucky that, growing up, my parents told me constantly how beautiful and smart I was.

Dress for your best feature

Research your body type and shop accordingly. I know I carry a lot of weight in my stomach, so I’m not going to wear things that accentuate my waist, because it’s not my best feature. Think about the parts of your body you want people to notice when they first look at you. Go on Pinterest or Google and put in keywords like “great dresses for pear shape,” for example.

Keep self-worth and social media separate

A lot of bloggers and other people I follow on social media aren’t curvy like me. They have completely different body types from me. Because I’m so secure in my body image, I can follow them and get inspiration without comparing myself to them. It goes back to being at peace with your own shape and size. Of course, I’ve had people message me really mean things. If someone leaves a nasty comment on social media about your appearance, remember that it’s coming from their own insecurities. I don’t respond, but I don’t delete them either. I want my followers to see that I get mean comments and I don’t let them get to me.

Take stock of your assets

Take a minute to consider all the things that are great about you—your skills, aspects of your personality, and yes, even aspects of your physical appearance that you like. When you’re struggling to feel confident or you’re inclined to compare yourself to someone else, think about that list. Remember what you have to offer.