The Best Gift You’ve Ever Received

Our Facebook fans shared their favorite presents of all time.

In the spirit of the season, we’ve shared a few of our favorite ways to give: with our gift guides, an idea for making giving part of every day and tips for giving the greatest professional gift you can give—an introduction. Now, we’re turning to our Facebook fans. We asked you to tell us about the best gift you’ve ever received, and today we’re sharing a few of our favorites!

The Best Gift You’ve Ever Received

"My kids are the best gift I have ever received." — Sharon Ezekiel Brecher

"A trip to Disney World when I was ten years old."— Danielle Fenstemaker

"I don't remember exactly, but it would have been from my oldest sister who was a buyer for Nordstrom and, of course, has impeccable taste!" — Gretchen Hadley Meyer

"A monogrammed sterling silver hair clip. I wear it daily." — Margot Brignac

"Besides my wonderful family, my favorite gifts are adventure gifts—a trip to the mountains or some other beautiful location."— Mary Walker

"My lab results saying I was pregnant on my husband's birthday."— Trudy Ramsamooj

"My best gift is watching my nieces and nephews opening their presents and seeing the big smiles on their faces. It goes straight to my heart."— Maria Castro

"My grandma gave me a rocking chair that belonged to my great-grandma."— Jo Burroughs Bearor

"My hand carved and varnished wooden jewelry box that my boyfriend gave me. Absolutely beautiful!"— Katherine Hassenboehler

"A beautiful sapphire diamond ring for my college graduation from my family."— Juliana Depablo

"A leather-bound book of poetry about us, written by my, who then proposed."— Victoria Sheridan