Behind the Scenes: On the Set of our Brand Campaign

See the shots that won't be going in the lookbook.

We shot our latest campaign in Dumbo with the incredibly talented Abbey Drucker. The team started the morning with steaming cups of coffee and a pretty impressive craft services spread. Soon the sun—and spirits—were high. We had "Shake It Off" on repeat and were dancing between takes. It's perhaps one of the reasons why a sightseeing tour boat sailed especiallllly slow as it passed. We wrapped things up at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, next to Jane’s Carousel, right on the water. Not pictured: a celebratory champagne toast (with paper cups) back in the trailer. We’re pretty pleased with our latest campaign—and look forward to unveiling all of the images in the months to come. Cheers to a successful shoot! BTS1 BTS2 BTS3