A Chic Postnatal Recovery Plan

The founder of HATCH Collection shares her creature comforts.

A Chic Postnatal Recovery PlanHATCH was born from desperation,” says founder Ariane Goldman. “It was 2010, and I was pregnant, spending my insomniac nights searching for any glimmer of a cute pregnancy look. All I could find were bigger sizes of my ACNE dresses, which, of course, I never wore again after my daughter, Charlie, was born.” They launched a tightly curated collection of effortless silhouettes and were met with universal responses of praise, excitement and relief from stylish, pregnant women. The collection has grown to include everything from underpinnings and swim to sleepwear and denim, in addition to ready-to-wear looks for every possible scenario. They’ve partnered with brands like Marysia (on swimwear) and Current/Elliot (on the most flattering maternity jeans). “I think anything that you do as a young mother is hard,” says Ariane. “You're trying to be your best all the time with the smallest amount of sleep, and everything that you are accustomed to blown out of the water.” That said, motherhood has been a great source of motivation. “Having children brought me more inspiration to build things and do things that were needed by women,” she says. “The process of building both of my companies—twobirds Bridesmaid was my first—has been humbling, rewarding and always surprising.” Inspired by the HATCH-to-Hospital Box, a genius capsule of hospital must-haves, Ariane shared her must-haves for staying comfortable, looking put-together and feeling like yourself in the weeks after giving birth.  “Having children brought me more inspiration to build things and do things that were needed by women.”  — Ariane Goldman #WomenWhoWork

1. BYO creature comforts

Pack our cashmere socks, undies, robe and nightgown from the HATCH-to-Hospital Box, of course. Bring a blanket or pillow from home, a candle that makes you feel calm (for me, it's Diptyque's Eucalyptus) and your most reliable dress or jeans to head home.

2. Hack your hospital stay

It’s all about the private room, people. It is so worth it for making your stay as comfortable and relaxed as possible. And steal as much as you can: swaddles, diapers, wipes—whatever they’ve got. It’ll give you one less thing to think about when you go home.

3. Keep it comfy

In the first few weeks after going home, opt for comfortable options that still allow you to feel like yourself. I believe in head-to-toe cashmere, year-round. Comfortable PJ’s are also pretty key—you're up with baby so often.

4. Prepare for nursing

We make very light—yet supportive—nursing bras now. If you're going the nursing route, be ready with a few good bras and a stockpile of nipple cream and organic creams. For the former, my favorite is from Honest Company, and for the latter, I love La Mer and Clarins.

5. Treat yourself

Take bubble baths, and have a smell that you like in the air—something fresh and unique, just like those first weeks are. My friend, Leilani Bishop, makes incredible scents (if you're in the Hamptons this summer, check out her new Botanica Bazaar). Stock up on quality, natural beauty products, and you'll be set to relax as much as possible during a time that is stressful but also amazing and delicious. Keep it simple, beauty-wise. Bun up, and embrace a freshly washed face. In those first weeks, it feels like a revelation.

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Image courtesy of Ivanka Trump Illustration by Jonny Ruzzo