How to Pack for Your Next Trip

The founders of our new favorite luggage company, Away, share their packing tips and travel must-haves.

Away Carry On
You’ve booked your flight, you’ve taken care of business and your mom keeps sending you emoji-filled texts about how excited she is to see you—now it’s time to hit the road.
We called on Jen Rubio and Stephanie Korey, co-founders of Away, to weigh in with their best packing tips and travel essentials. Who better to advise on the subject than the brilliant travel entrepreneurs who created our dream suitcase? Their brand new luggage is sleek, roomy, hard-sided and four-wheeled. Plus, not only does it come with a patent-pending bag that compresses dirty laundry and keeps your clean clothes fresh, it’s also chargeable, which means no more sitting on the floor next the only outlet at your gate. A single charge to the suitcase provides more than five for your phone. It’s no wonder their carry-on is on all of our wish lists this year.
We asked the seasoned travelers to share their packing advice and top travel essentials.

It’s about versatility, not quantity

I have a love for fashion but an even bigger love for movement, and I always pack clothes that don’t slow me down. For a holiday weekend you don’t need a lot of items, but items that can be put together in a variety of combinations to change your look depending on the next stop. This usually means easy bottoms (Outdoor Voices leggings or ripped jeans) and oversized tops (oversized silk shirts or Acne men’s sweatshirts) topped off with a leather jacket, and Nikes or heels.

Keep dirty clothes separate

My favorite trick for getting the most out of your suitcase is Away’s patent-pending laundry and compression system. The removable laundry bag rolls out from a zipper pouch and allows you to keep your laundry compressed and separate while traveling. Alternately, you can use the hotel’s dry cleaning bag to keep your dirty clothes apart from the rest of your things.

Use bags within bags (within bags)

I’m always carrying around bags of bags. I buy nylon packing cubes in all different colors and sizes and put all my tops in a medium one, my bottoms in another and my lingerie in a small one, and then I put cords and cables in a mesh pouch.
From Jen:
I never travel without my Bose QuietComfort 25 noise-cancelling headphones—everyone has them, but they’re classics for a reason. I also bring the Aesop Jet Set Kit. I use Aesop products at home, and I think using the same toiletries on the road is so comforting. I also love CAP Beauty’s CAPtivator Energy Mist—a quick spritz mid-flight instantly makes me feel like I’m in a spa. Finally, I’ve been using UniBall Vision Elite pens for a decade. They’re the only pens I’ve ever tried that don’t explode on planes! From Stephanie: My favorite beauty products for combatting dry plane air are from Glossier—their face mist and priming moisturizer are the most hydrating combination, and leave me with a dewy, but never greasy, finish. I’ve loaded up my iPhone with all the collaboration tools we use at Away (Slack, Google Drive and Dropbox), so I can seamlessly work with the team no matter where I am, with or without wifi. I also keep a Moleskine notebook and pen in my bag for when my in-flight wifi cuts out and I want to keep jotting down ideas.


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