How to Prevent Mid-Vacation Work Emergencies

Plan ahead to avoid frantic calls from work while you're lounging poolside.


From Allison Green on The Fast Track:

How to Prevent Mid-Vacation Work Emergencies

1. Spread the word

Send an email to your co-workers and clients to tell them you will be away, and set up an informative out-of-office email and voicemail message. Make it clear when you will be gone, when you will be back and who to contact in your absence.

2. Enlist a gatekeeper

It's impossible to relax when you're constantly receiving emails and texts about emergencies, or even run-of-the mill questions. Consider giving your vacation contact info to only one person who will use good judgment about when you truly need to be contacted. Then, let everyone in the office know that if they want to reach you during your trip, the messages should be funnelled through your “gatekeeper.”

3. Get help from your team

Recruit your coworkers to help cover specific pieces of your job. Don’t forget to tell your boss about the arrangements you’ve made, so that he or she will consult with your delegate about any questions before calling you while you're by the pool.

4. Remove your work email from your phone

Admit it—if work emails pop up on your phone, you are at least going to skim them. Turn off notifications on your work account and it'll feel like a weight off your shoulders. If you desperately need to stay connected to the office, set times to check in (for example, first thing in the mornings) so you aren’t constantly on call and thinking about work, or tell your team to text you in case of a true catastrophe.

How to Prevent Mid-Vacation Work Emergencies

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