#AskIvanka: Holiday Party Etiquette

Read this before celebrating with your colleagues.

How much should I have to drink with my coworkers? #AskIvanka You’ve probably received the Outlook invite by now. Your company holiday party is looming. Celebrating with your coworkers is a delicate dance. By all means, enjoy yourself, but remember, you’ll be back in meetings together tomorrow. We turned to our etiquette expert-in-chief to get her thoughts on enjoying the office party—without having to apologize to HR for your behavior. What's the protocol for bringing a significant other? Err on the side of don’t. Unless the invitation specifically includes spouses or families, plan on coming solo. I work in a very corporate environment. Do I have to wear a suit to the party? No. With the exception of a lunch in the middle of the day, go for something a bit more glamorous. If it’s a conservative group, wear a beautiful cocktail dress with a sleeve. Choose a great dress with a fitted blazer or bring personality to the outfit through fun accessories. How much should I have to drink with my coworkers? Be cautious and use your judgement. Often at an event where drinks are being poured, it’s difficult to monitor how much you’ve had. Alternate between a cocktail and a glass of sparkling water (which, with a lime in it, will look like a vodka tonic). Another option is to order a white wine spritzer. You can drink more and feel it less. Have fun and loosen up—you don’t want to be a bore—but you should never be drunk. No good can come of that. When's a good time to make my exit? If you’re at a restaurant, they’ll stop serving when it’s time to go. If you’re at someone’s home, make sure you’re not the last to leave. As a host, there's nothing worse than having a couple of people linger when you're ready to turn out the lights and go to bed. Our party is on a weeknight. Can I come in late the next morning? Most company parties aren’t going until 3am. If you feel the need to roll in at 11, revert back to question 3. You’ve probably had too much to drink.