Wechsler: The Mind-Beauty Connection

Dermatologist and psychiatrist Dr. Amy Wechsler shows that beauty really does come from within.

Amy Weschler Mind Beauty Connection With degrees in both psychology and dermatology, Dr. Amy Wechsler's approach to skincare is anything but surface level. In her book The Mind-Beauty Connection, the dermatologist and Chanel skincare advisor presents the many ways in which our psychological health can have an impact on our appearance.

Premature aging and adult acne are the two most common skin problems I see, and stress and exhaustion are often at the bottom of both." — Dr. Amy Wechsler

Maintaining hormonal balance is essential to an even, glowing complexion--when we don't get enough sleep or manage our stress, our hormones are thrown out of whack, wreaking havoc on our skin. Amy breaks down the research in a way that those of us without a medical degree will understand, and offers a nine-day plan for getting our mental health--and skin health--back on track. Sign us up.