The Spill: DailyWorth Founder Amanda Steinberg

Sneak a peek inside her bag.

Amanda Steinberg is the founder of the super-informative financial and career site DailyWorth, as well as the upcoming digital investment advisory (yep, she started a bank), WorthFM, aimed at helping women become savvier investors and savers. She shared everything she’s learned about managing your finances while launching a business, and even let us take a peek inside her bag. The Spill: DailyWorth Founder Amanda Steinberg FROM THE IVANKA TRUMP COLLECTION: Chargeable Rio Tech Sleeve, Soho Tote

From Amanda:
I need a lot of stuff on me at all times. We have offices in Philadelphia and New York, so I’m constantly traveling in one direction or the other. I’ve also been with my partner for five years and we live separately, because we both have kids, so I’m always going back and forth between his house and mine. I’m on the go like a gypsy. I’ve got my Marc Jacobs aviator sunglasses, which my son always loves to take from me. I have a pouch in my bag where I keep an extra phone cord, my checkbook and a few makeup essentials—the little stuff I’m always digging for. It makes it so much easier to switch bags without forgetting anything. I have a red wallet made by this company in San Francisco called Waterfield. It has to be red so I can easily find it and grab it. I always have a few Pilot rollerball pens—I’ve been using those since high school—and a tiny blue notebook. I rewrite my to-do list every day based on what I did and didn’t get done the day before and reorganize the list based on my priorities. It’s one of my little ceremonies in the morning.

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Image Courtesy of Ivanka Trump Photographer: Kenneth Grzymala