The Best Advice Your Mom Ever Gave You

Our Facebook and Twitter followers weigh in.

We turned to our friends on social to ask for the best piece of advice they've received from their moms. Mother Knows Best

“When you’re having a bad day, do something kind for someone; you’ll feel much better.” — Lynn Shoemaker on Facebook

“Treat all women with the same respect as you would your mother.” — Bob Dziak on Facebook

“Read everything you can get your hands on, because being well-read is the best thing a girl can be!” — @DrLHazzouri on Twitter

“Get something accomplished every day, even if it’s just a little thing. You will feel much better about life and yourself.” — Stephen Preble Cobb on Facebook

“Words are like water pouring out of a pitcher. Once you pour it on the ground, there is no taking it back; and if you do get any of it back, it will always be muddy.” — Kay Chirillo on Facebook

“When you're angry, write it all down. If that calms you down, rip it up and throw it away instead of arguing about something that isn't well thought-out.” — Bernadette Giambrocco-Soehner on Facebook

“It’s not what you go through; it’s how you get through it.” — Lori Welliver on Facebook

“Manage your money, or it will manage you.” — Chris Grennan on Facebook

“You have to tell 20 lies to get out of one.” — @JH_Loophole on Twitter

“It’s better to be 15mins early than one minute late.” — @Awe_Heck on Twitter

“If you knock on enough doors, one is bound to open.” — @ByronTammy on Twitter