24 Hours in Our Floral Print Dress

Laura Leigh, blogger behind Louella Reese, takes it from midday meetings to tacos.

Our latest series records a notable fashion blogger’s day with one of our most versatile designs. Get ideas on how to use the same style—whether it’s a multi-tasking bag that stores both diapers and pumps, or a beautiful dress you can wear from the office into the wee hours of the night.

From the Ivanka Trump Collection: Floral Dress, Stanton Luggage Cameras Bag.


I’m Laura Leigh, the blogger behind Louella Reese Life & Style based in Charlotte, NC. Running my blog full-time, I work from home and the occasional coffee shop while also spending part of my days in meetings and attending events. Having pieces that take me from one occasion to the next is a must. With warmer temperatures arriving in the South and my love for all things feminine, that means lots of versatile dresses. I wore the Floral Print Dress from my home office to a meeting, lunch, shopping and dinner with my husband.

7:30am - After brewing a cup of tea, I head to my desk to share my blog post for the day across all social media channels and pin to my Pinterest board. Then, I dive into reading ten of my favorite bloggers’ posts and comment on those. After that, I put together pitches for new partnerships.

9:30am - Time for breakfast and another cup of tea! Breakfast for me is one of three things: a smoothie, oatmeal or homemade protein balls. Then, it's back to the office to complete blog posts for upcoming days (I love getting ahead and having content planned out).

11:00am - I trade pajamas for the floral print dress, a jean jacket and sneakers—my current favorite combination.

12:00pm - A couple of errands and a meeting with a local brand. Glad to be wearing my floral print dress, which is lightweight, comfy and perfect for on-the-go days. The tie belt gives you the option to tie it as tight or loose as you'd like so, for day, I opted to make it a bit tighter and billow the top over the belt. I like the shorter length and shape it creates. I also bring my Stanton Luggage Camera Bag since it’s the perfect size and great for busy days.

1:30pm - Off to lunch at Holler & Dash, a new, Southern-style biscuit house in Charlotte. It's time to indulge and loosen the tie belt of my dress. The playful pattern blends right in to the fun aesthetic of the restaurant.

I choose the Avocado Smash Toast and The Jam (Nutella + jam on a biscuit). It's all about balance right?!

3:00pm - Since the brand meeting and lunch was near my favorite mall, I stop in to do a little shopping. How could I pass up the opportunity?

4:00pm -  Back to the office for me. I catch up on emails I’ve missed while being out of the office, share more content via social media and complete any additional work that needs to be done by EOD.

6:00pm -  Close down my computer. Make a to-do list for the next day.

6:30pm - Switch up my look for dinner with my husband, Joshua. I take off my blue denim jacket and swap my sneakers for lace-up espadrille wedges. My floral print dress is now ready for night!

7:00pm - Dinner’s at RuRu's Tacos, my favorite Mexican restaurant.


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