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“Perseverence is failing nineteen times and succeeding the twentieth.” — Julie Andrews #wisewords

How to Grocery Shop Like a Nutrition Coach

Nutrition and holistic wellness coach, Maria Marlowe, taught #TeamIvanka a thing or two about healthy living with a recent trip to Whole Foods.

Weekly Clicks: How to Spend Your Summer Fridays

Make the most of your sun-soaked half-days.

Put These Toxins on Your Beauty Never List

Beautycounter founder Gregg Renfrew gives us the lowdown on five nasty ingredients that are lurking in your medicine cabinet.

An Exclusive Workout from Ivanka’s Trainer

Ivanka’s personal trainer offers up the ultimate full-body workout—just in time for bikini season.

A Tribeca Teacher Schools Us on Easy Dressing

Kate Linder, a preschool teacher and native New Yorker, has mastered comfortable polish.


Watch the video and meet the 12 inspiring women featured.

What to Wear to Brunch This Weekend

The Trump Hotel Collection’s own Leah Rivard has got you covered.

From the Intern’s Desk: Interviewing

Get advice from our creative intern, Sherry, on landing your next gig.

Fact or Fiction with Peter Monge

Ivanka’s trainer busts a few of the most popular workout myths.

How to Buy Your First Apartment

Trump power broker Michelle Griffith breaks it down, step by step.

From Ivanka’s Desk: Dubai

Ivanka flew to Dubai for 48 hours of back-to-back meetings with some of the city’s most influential developers.